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Jury verdict that car accident did not cause knee injury is upheld by Court of Appeals

Somar Goudy sued Bliss Yeiter for injuries suffered by Goudy in a car accident caused by Yeiter.  Goudy orthopaedic diagnosed chondromalacia patella in Goudy's knees, after she begain complaining of a knee injury two weeks after the accident. Yeiter's auto insurer employed a physician who testified that trauma in the car accident likely had  "nothing to do with" the detrioration of cartilage in the knee.

The jury returned a verdict form that concluded that Goudy "was not injured." Goudy argued on appeal that no reasonable juror could conclude that she was not injured, and therefore she should be entitled to a new trial.  The Court of Appeals agreed with the trial judge that the jury understood the meaning of the form and had simply concluded that no injury was suffered in the motor vehicle accident.  There was sufficient evidence to support this verdict.

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