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Justice Weaver's new book highly critical of "political" and activist Michigan Supreme Court majority

According to published newspaper accounts over the weekend, the new book about to be published by retired Republican Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver is highly critical of her former Republican colleagues on Michigan's high court.  The former Chief Justice, like former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, has leveled serious criticism of Michigan's highly partisan and special interest-influenced Supreme Court. 

There have been other highly credible calls for reform of the system of judicial selection in Michigan and for the elimination of extravagant special interest spending in judicial elections.  Weaver apparently singled out for criticism activist decisions such as the Republican majority's holding that eliminated "any person's" standing to enforce environmental standards.  The holding originated in a case that overturned a holding by the lower courts that limited Nestle's ability to significantly reduce the flow of the Crystal River.  The Court's Republican majority ruled that only a local landowner could sue the bottler to maintain the water level in the river.

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