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Legal malpractice claim dismissed because it was filed too late

The Estate of Parviz Meghnot sued Gregory J. Rohl, arguing that Rohl committed malpractice by the manner in which he managed a pro bono (free) lawsuit for Meghnot.  The representation ended before 2007, but the suit wasn't filed until 2010.  The attorney argued that the so-called "discovery" period ended when Meghnot filed a grievance with the Attorney Grievance Commission, as that action terminated the attorney-client relationship and also evidenced that Meghnot "suspected" that Rohl had committed malpractice.  The lower court agreed and the Court of Appeals affirmed, pointing out that the "discovery" period for a professional malpractice claim begins to run when the victim suspects a breach of the standard of care, not when the breach is proven.
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