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New York state bans "bug bombs"

The Seattle Times reported that New York State plans to remove one-release pesticide sprays from retail shelves and limit their use to certified pesticide applicators.  New York's action was based upon  a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detailing injuries and illnesses related to use or misuse of the foggers. 

The report noted 466 injury-causing events, usually not causing serious consequences. About 80 percent of victims did not require medical treatment, while nine cases (2 percent) were "high severity" and the remaining 18 percent were of "moderate" severity.  There was one death of a baby who slept in an apartment the night it had been treated with a fogger.  21 people were hospitalized for a day or more and 43 people missed work as a result of respiratory problems, explosions caused by pilot lights or other ignitions sources, or other related medical issues.
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