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Occupants of stolen vehicle cannot sue officer after high-speed chase and bump

The families of a catastrophically injured young man and another man killed in the collision sued the City of Taylor and officer Phillip Alton Biggs, arguing that Biggs was negligent in pursuing and bumping a stolen car driven by another young man.  The City argued that since the vehicle must have known that the vehicle was stolen, and since they had allegedly been drinking, smoking marijuana, and contemplating shoplifting, their families could not argue that the officer was partially at fault in causing their death by bumping their vehicle at high speed.  They were lumped in with the driver as "wrongdoers" whose wrongful actions gave rise to the necessity of the police chase:  therefore, despite evidence that one of more of the young men tried to persuade the driver to stop the car or let them out, they were precluded from any legal action even if the officer was negligent.

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