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Officers are denied summary disposition after arrestee dies in their custody

Six individual officers and the City Police Department were denied summary judgment when sued by the mother of William Parker Martin after Martin's death.  Martin, an "unstable" 19 year-old, was arrested by the officers when he was found naked and talking nonsensically on the street.  Martin actually asked to be arrested, but then jogged away when the first officer started to handcuff him. 

Martin was then "taken down" and delivered "compliance body shots." When Martin bit an officer's knuckle, he was struck in the face with "hammer punches."  Another officer then "used all of his force" to strike Martin "at least five times." He was then put in a strangle hold, before the officers heard a "gurgling sound" and Martin expired.  The officers were surprised when the judges denied their request for summary disposition in their favor.  They didn't think there was any evidence of the use of excessive force.

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