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One million window blinds are recalled

IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond and Hanover Direct recalled almost a million roller blinds and Roman shades because they pose a serious stangulation risk to small children.  The AP reported on October 27 that the recall includes a half million ISDANS, TUPPLUR and ENJE roller blinds made in Taiwan and France and sold by IKEA between 2005 and 2009, as well as nearly 400,000 blinds made in CHina by Dublin Energy Solution, and 90,000 Chinese-made faux suede shades sold by Domestications.  IKEA had recalled blinds in August of this year, as well.  The recalls followed one death and three entanglement reports.  Merely recalling defective products is not a safe solution, however.  Sadly, statistics show that fewer than twenty percent of recalled items will actually be returned, repaired, or taken out of the stream of commerce.

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