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O'Neil addresses local meeting of groups seeking judicial reform

 On Thursday, June 19, 2008, Dan O'Neil spoke at a local non-partisan gathering of concerned citizens seeking judicial reform in Michigan.  The meeting was well-attended, and O'Neil presented statistics from several public sources, documenting the highly partisan and financially skewed decisions emanating from Michigan's highest court.  A summary of that data will be collated and published on this website in the next few days, and will also appear as an article in a respected journal of sociology.  Unfortunately, with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce pledging to spend 20 million dollars in November to protect the judicial seat of its pet Justice, Clifford Taylor (husband of former Governor Engler's chief of staff: can you guess how he came to be appointed to the Court?), broad dissemination of information probably won't be enough to improve the performance of Michigan's Court.

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