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Ovarian cancer screening test "OvaSure" taken off the market

LabCorp has halted sales of its controversial blood test for ovarian cancer, according to the New York Times.  A reliable early test for detecting ovarian cancer while it is more treatable would be a significant development, however, experts say that "OvaSure" has not been proven reliable.  The test had been marketed in June without FDA approval, as the company claimed an exemption from approval for tests developed and performed by a single laboratory.  In September, perhaps jolted by reams of negative publicity over its undue coziness with the pharmaceutical industry, the Bush-administration FDA notified LabCorp that it was not eligible to qualify for the exemption because its test was not developed in-house, but rather at Yale University.  LabCorp criticized the "unprecedented" decision, claiming it will stifle creativity to require FDA approval.  We think LabCorp is OverWhiny.

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