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Pioneer State Mutual loses PIP argument about domicile

Pioneer is a late-starting competitor for cheapest no fault insurer in Michigan.  While not up to the standards of Allstate in cynical denial of benefits, Pioneer has demonstrated a willingness to challenge its insureds' claims on virtually any grounds available.  This week, it lost an argument attempting to transfer PIP expenses to State Farm. 

Jason Teeple is a 34 year-old resident of the U.P.  He doesn't have a driver's license or own a car.  He was injured in a motor vehicle collision while a passenger in a vehicle insured with Pioneer.  Pioneer denied his PIP benefits, arguing that he was a resident of his mother's home, even though he hadn't lived with her in about eight years.  Teeple used his mother's home on a regular basis for visits with his child and as his mailing address, but was currently living in an RV with a girlfriend.  Since living with his mother, he had lived for several years with a fiance and in several other cities for significant periods.  The Court found that under the facts as elicited, he was not domiciled with his mother and not a "member of her household."

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