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Product liability in Michigan

          Have you wondered how many product liability cases are "clogging" the courts in Michigan?  Well, if you have no personal life and that issue has been troubling you, the answer is at hand.  The Michigan Supreme Court's Annual Reports' Circuit Court Statistical Supplement is now available for the years 2002 through 2006.  There were three product liability trials in 2002.  There were one hundred percent more in 2003:  that is there were six!  We had another increase in 2004 with seven cases tried.  @%$#^@&^&  This upward trend leveled off in 2005 and 2006 when Michigan citizens and their lawyers tried 5 product liability cases each year.  No wonder the courts no longer have room for divorce or criminal matters!  Every twenty years, each of the 80 counties in the state has to take a week out to try a product liability case! 

          By the way, the total number of personal injury cases tried in Michigan in 2006, in case you were wondering: 104 malpractice trials; 119 auto negligence trials and 113 other forms of injury claims tried.  A little more than three injury cases for every county in the state, average, for the entire year.  About one percent of the total filings in the Circuit Court.

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