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Qualified immunity denied for arresting officer who allegedly mistreated handcuffed mental patient

In Amanda Morrison v. Green Township, et al. officer Scott Celender was called to a home where Ms. Morrison was allegedly armed with a knife and threatening suicide. She was tackled as she either walked or ran away from the officers [depending upon which account of the incident is believed] and handcuffed.  She alleged the cuffs were too tight and that the officer rubbed her face into the ground each time she attempted to speak.  The officer admitted that she was not uncooperative while handcuffed, and Morrison admitted that she screamed repeatedly while the officer knelt on her back.  Ultimately the court ruled that it was for jurors to decide whether the officer's conduct was a violation of 42 USC 1983 and the use of "excessive force."  The court noted that the marks on Morrison's wrists and other evidence supported her allegations, creating a question of fact for the jury.

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