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Rating physicians

     The State of New York has been active in the analysis of rating systems for doctors.  Many insurers do actively rate physicians, however, the ratings are often based not on national standards or measures of effectiveness, but rather on how well the control expenses.  In other words, the insurer's highest-ranked doctors are, unbeknownst to consumers, simply the cheapest.

      New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has reached agreement with a number of insurers, requiring them to disclose publicly the basis of their rating system and to include factors other than cost.  This approach has been endorsed by a number of consumer groups and medical organizations.  Neither approach would include a clearinghouse for malpractice claims or disciplinary actions which are frequently a matter of confidential hospital privileging or peer review:  neither publicly reportable nor admissible in court. 

        Unfortunately, many states (including Michigan) have virtually avoided the topic of physician rating or reporting, altogether.   Doctors and patients deserve a reporting system that is accurate and inclusive.   Certainly consumers should not be misled by an insurance-based system that considers only cost.

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