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Recent Recalls include peanut butter and Fisher-Price play yards

Salmonella has been detected in peanut butter and has been identified as the cause of half a dozen deaths in the United States.  A number of related products that use peanut butter have now been recalled, as well, including products manufactured by Kellogg. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has also recalled almost a quarter million "Rainforest" play yards after some 1350 consumers complained aobut collapses that caused various injuries including broken noses, fractured bones and concussions.  The play yards were manufactured by Simplicity (now defunct) and some of the manufacturer's yards remain on the market with the same defect. 

Kids in Danger [an entity formed after the child of a University of Chicago professor died in a collapsed playpen] reports that 18 deaths have been associated with collapsing walls on play yards manufactured by other companies, however, the Bush Administration CPSC did not respond to the complaints about Simplicity or Rainforest yards or institute a recall for nearly two years.  It finally did respond with a recall when the company that had purchased Simplicity's assets completely stopped responding to consumers and rejected the CPSC's prodding for a voluntary recall.

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