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Republican Henry Saad strikes again: no recovery for pain, suffering or emotional impact of bodily injuries caused by government negligence

In Hunter v. Sisco, et al., Republican judicial activist Henry Saad, who never saw an injury victim he felt a moment's compassion for, and never met an insurer he wouldn't caress, took the law even one step further away from justice.  Hunter was hurt when his car was struck by a City of Flint dumptruck.  He apparently suffered a blown disc and compressed nerve that may constitute, according to Saad, a "serious impairment of bodily function."  Nevertheless, he cannot recover any compensation for the normal sequelae of a serious bodily injury because Saad and two other judges determined that when a governmental actor causes "bodily injury" there is no liability for pain, suffering, or any other non-economic consequence of the injury. 

Even if you are rendered a quadrilplegiac by the driver of a government vehicle, you get your medical paid (by your own insurer) and part of your wages paid, but nothing for the depression, limitation on activity and mobility, or tremendous emotional impact of the injury.  We think people like Henry Saad would feel a lot differently about these issues if someone close to them had ever suffered a catastrophic tragedy by reason of someone else's stupidity or negligence.

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