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Seemingly frivolous cosmetic class action suit results in settlement

In case you were worried that wealthy shoppers were paying too much for their up-scale cosmetics, you will be relieved to know that a recent class action suit based on that claim has been settled.   Stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's will be erecting "give-away" tables to hand out one free "high-end, prestige" cosmetic to selected shoppers, in order to satisfy a claim that the stores conspired to fix prices.  The give-away will depend on consumers confirming that they had previously purchased expensive cosmetics (on the honor system) and will last only as long as supplies last.

And you thought our legal system didn't work?  You thought the courts were over-burdened with frivolous cases?  Sadly, cases like this one, with the attendant publicity, create that false impression and detract from the important work that is done on a daily basis by judges and lawyers.  The case stinks--even if the fragrance is an expensive one.  

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