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Seller owes no duty to honor warranty of "30 year" shingles

Dentist David Conrad sued Certainteed Corporation, after the 30-year shingles (for which he paid extra) failed after half that time.  He sued the manufacturer, arguing that the company should be required to fulfill the promise of its representations--i.e., that the "30 year shingles" would last 30 years.  For a variety of reasons, the Court rejected his claim.

It held that the Republican Supreme Court majority had ruled that the "economic loss" doctrine, previously applied only to commercial transactions, should also be applied to consumer transactions, and that if no injury has occurred, the Uniform Commercial Code limited one year warranty applies to the sale of even consumer goods.  The Court concluded that recent prior decisions of the Republican Supreme Court majority also precluded the dentist-plaintiff from making claims for fraud or misrepresentation.  It therefore overturned the jury verdict that the dentist had been awarded in the amount of $25,000.00.

With regard to the "30 year life" representations, the Court concluded that no express warranty had been proven and that there was no "express duration as to the future [warranty] period."

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