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Taxpayers, but not teachers, have standing to object to School Board's delegation of duties to church

Steve B. Smith and others sued the Jefferson County Board of School Commissioners in the Eastern District of Tennessee, after the Board shut down its alternative school and turned its management over to the Kingswood Academy---an entity "founded with the intent to insure that each d child placed in its care receives Christian religious training...instilling in each child a personal faith in God, and the assurance of the saving grace of Jesus Christ..."  Needless to say, the petitioners claimed that  turning the operation of a public school over to Kingswood violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution and violated the separation of church and state.  The trial court held that neither taxpayers nor faculty at the school possessed "standing" to object to the actions of the School Board and dismissed the suit.  On appeal, the  Sixth Circuit held that while teachers didn't have "standing" to sue, taxpayers do.

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