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Tenant's bedbug infestation negligence claim against landlord is dismissed

Despite their proof that their apartment at Silverbrook Villa Apartments demonstrated evidence that the Defendant knew about its bedbug infestation and had attempted to eradicate it, unsuccessfully, in the past, the Krissel family's lawsuit against their landlord was summarily dismissed. After they appealed, a panel of the Court of Appeals composed entirely of Republican insurance apologists upheld the dismissal, finding the Krissel's evidence "unconvincing."  In essence, the court weighed the contradictory evidence and found the landlord's claim that it hadn't known of a bedbug infestation more persuasive.  The only problem with this outcome is that the tenants had a legal and constitutional right to a jury trial and the involved judges are prohibited from "weighing" the evidence or granting summary disposition when their is contradictory evidence.  Nevertheless, Republican judges don't like consumer claims and injury claims, which they deem a "drain on commerce"--and an imposition on their special interest insurance supporters.

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