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Texas report repudiates claims that "reforms" delivered benefits

The Fort Worth Star Telegram of October 12 published an article describing the findings of a Public Citizen report that refuted the claim that malpractice reforms had benefitted medical care in Texas.  The "reforms" enacted in 2003 did not reduce health care costs or insurance premiums, which have risen faster than the national average since 2003.  During this period, the number of Texans without health insurance, and their percentage of the total population, have also risen faster than the national average.  The legislation also did not improve the per capita number of doctors in the state (i.e., doctors did not stop leaving the state or flock in, as suggested by some).  One of the authors of the Report suggested that the only "winners" from Texas "reforms" were doctors and insurers. Malpractice payouts have dropped by 65% and malpractice premiums have dropped by approximately 50%.

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