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Used football helmets

     Many people do not realize that most protective headgear must be replaced or refurbished after one or more serious impacts.  Many bicycle helmets, for example, are safe for only one significant impact and must be replaced immediately after any incident.  Even without a serious impact, to be effective, many helmets must be replaced or refurbished after several years of wear.

     A Pennsylvania company called Circle Systems, Inc. refurbishes used football helmets.  It is one of 30 American companies that inspect and replace worn parts in more than 1.6 million helmets used at virtually every level of amateur football.  By a voluntary protocol, these companies have agreed that all helmets must be tested prior to their return to the field.  Circle Systems is the second-largest company reconditioning about 300,000 helmets a year, and it has been accused of omitting the testing step of most reconditioning helmets.  The company is owned by Schutt Sports, which claims the testing problem is attributable to "inherited" employees who have since left the company.  It agrees that Circle Systems was engaged in a "questionable practice".  The FBI is currently investigating.  If bigwigs with the company did not contribute to the Bush election campaigns, they may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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