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Victim who suffered T-11, 12 vertebral compression fracture is allowed opportunity to prove "serious impairment."

Ryan Pethers suffered a vertebral fracture in a T-bone collision with Gregory Burmania who missed a stop sign and was killed in the resulting collision.  Pethers sued Burmania's Estate but the judge ruled that his injuries did not meet the Kreiner standard of a "life-altering" serious impairment of bodily function.  Pethers appealed to the Court of Appeals, and in the interim the Michigan Supreme Court overturned the "life-altering" requirement that the Engler Majority had substituted for the statutory definition of a serious impairment of bodily function.  Given the  return to the previous statutory definition, the Court of Appeals returned Pethers' claim to the trial court to make a new assessment of serious impairment.

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