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WalMart and Target announce recall of toy boxing gloves and other products; exploding "Bath Benefits" also recalled

This week, Target and WalMart announced recalls of toy boxing gloves, foam bead jewelry, and toddler chairs--all of which contain excessive amounts of lead.  While Target indicated an intent to remove the products nationwide and both companies indicated an intent to stop online sales, WalMart limited its recall of some products to California stores only.  A consumer group in California had prompted the recalls when its testing identified the high level of lead in the various products.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and JAAKS Pacific "re-announced" the recall of 516,000 children's Spa Factory Aromatherapy Fountain and Bath Benefits Kits because pressure can build within the toy jars, causing them to explode.  The jars are not vented properly and when carbon dioxide pressure builds too high, the lids can become a projectile hazard.  This recall was originated in 2009 when the CPSC received 88 reports of exploding jars and of 13 injuries to kids.  Since that recall, there have been 13 additional reports of injury.  The kits were sold at Sam's Club, WalMart, Target  and other stores nationwide from August 2008 through August 2010.
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