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When you run from the cops, don't expect gentle treatment

The Sixth Circuit recently upheld the dismissal of a 1983 "excessive force" complaint filed by Kevin Dunn against two City of Southfield police officers.  According to the video and audio records of the incident and arrest, Dum continued driving when the officers attempted a traffic stop for a "mere traffic-related offense".  Dunn apparently accelerated to about 50 miles an hour and ran several stop lights before pulling over (after about two minutes).  When the first officer told him to exit his vehicle,  Dunn fumbled with his seatbelt for too long and was "assisted" in exiting the seatbelt and vehicle by the arresting officers, who "launched" him from the car just after he stated "I'm coming, I'm coming".  In the process of being "launched", Dunn suffered a fractured femur.  The Court held that the officers' actions were not unreasonable, as a matter of law, and that Dunn had no right to a jury trial on the issue of excessive force.

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