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Whistleblower verdict

     Two City of Detroit police officers' claims that they were punished for investigating misconduct in the Mayor's office were vindicated this week, when a jury awarded each man more than two million dollars in damages.  The officers' attorney noted that both men could have settled the claims for less but felt stubbornly driven to establish the truth of their claims. 

        In typical fashion, the employer claimed that one of the men was fired for incompetence and "insubordination", and that the other man had not been retaliated against.  The jury was able to see through these defenses, which are common in employment disputes.  We don't know what evidence was offered in the case, but both men probably had stellar annual reviews until this controversy came up:  that would be common in our experience.  In any event, what a waste of public dollars:  too bad the verdict can't be paid out of the Mayor's pocket.

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