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Woman's appeal of jury verdict defeat is rejected

Adria Roach sued the drivers involved in a three-car collision, seeking a recovery for pain and suffering and loss of income.  She claimed that she suffered a cervical facet joint injury with bulging discs that caused her to give up her second job.  She presented testimony from her doctor in support of her claim, however, the defendants presented an "independent" doctor's opinion testimony that there was no neurological basis for restricting Roach's activities.

The jury decided Roach did not prove her case and entered a verdict against her.  She appealed. Her attorneys argued that the Court should have directed a verdict in her favor, based on the injury testimony.  The Court of Appeals pointed out the obvious:  that there was a conflict of testimony on the nature and seriousness of Roach's injury and denied her appeal.  The nature and extent of her damages, given the contradictory medical testimony, was a question for the jury to decide.

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