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Thompson O'Neil Law offers clients the option of hiring us on a contingent fee basis. In the event that option is chosen, the attorneys receive no compensation unless they secure a recovery for the client, and the fee is proportionate to the recovery. The firm also offers clients the option of engaging on an hourly or a daily fee basis. In appropriate cases we have also devised a hybrid option of lower hourly fees, with a contingent component in the event of a successful outcome as defined by the agreement. Under ethics rules applicable to all Michigan attorneys, contingent fee clients may be responsible for certain out-of-pocket expenses: that issue should be discussed thoroughly with any attorney retained by the client.

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Automobile Accidents

You have rights if you're involved in an automobile accident. Here are some of the things you should know about Michigan's no-fault automobile insurance law.
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Boating & RV Accidents

There are Federal and State rules addressing boating safety, boating liability and injuries suffered on the water. These rules are based on the common law concept of “negligence” or “due care”.
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Business Litigation

Litigation is often a losing proposition for businesses, as every dollar spent on lawyers is a dollar lost. Nevertheless, sometimes commercial operations are faced with no good alternative.
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Defective Product Injuries

Historically, product liability laws were adopted to protect consumers from unsafe products. Recent efforts at "reform" have significantly limited the effectiveness of product liability rules in our State.
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Dog Bite Injuries

If you or a loved one is injured by a dog bite, you can recover damages if the bite was unprovoked or if the animal’s owner does not use due care.
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Dramshop & Alcohol Related Claims

The Michigan Dramshop law makes certain sales of alcohol illegal and allows victims to be compensated for damages caused by an illegal sale.
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Employment Rights Discrimination

Employment rights arise from a mixture of State and Federal rules. Most Federal employment rules arise out of equal protection and discrimination promises.
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Fire Insurance Claims

Whether the cause is arson, faulty wiring or improper handling of combustibles, a house fire is a catastrophe for the homeowners usually resulting in structural damage and loss of property. A fire insurance policy is a requirement if the property is mortgaged.
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Industrial Injuries

When workers are hurt in an industrial setting, they almost always have access to workers compensation. At the turn of the 19th century, most states adopted “work comp” schemes to provide injured employees and their families a safety net.
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Medical Malpractice Claims

We know that it is not easy to make a decision to look into a possible medical malpractice lawsuit. Thompson O’Neil, P.C has the experience, the expertise, and the resources to help you throughout the legal process.
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Motorcycle Accidents

In Michigan, motorcycle injuries usually invoke No-Fault rules, since there is usually a motor vehicle involved. If there is no car or truck involved there may be no insurance coverage and the no-fault system does not come in to play.
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Recreational & RV Injuries

Reforming courts in Michigan have attempted to limit the rights of people who suffer injury while engaged in recreational activities. Injuries that result from negligence can still be the basis for an insurance claim,
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Premise Liability

Landowners are only responsible for injuries suffered on their property if they are negligent or act without due care. Even a negligent landowner’s duty may be limited if the injured person was not invited. to the property.
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Wrongful Death

Michigan law has a statute governing when someone can sue as a result of a wrongful death. All claims under this statute are brought by the Personal Representative of the decedent’s Estate after it is opened in the Probate Court.
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